We have two delivery options, a 2 hour express (depending on complexity) or a standard 24 hour turn around time (Let’s talk, feel free to e-mail us at design@2bstudio.co.za). We also offer Live Chat Support on Skype (Search for us our Skype Name is: sb.2bstudio)
Our services range from:
• People / Stock Images
• Hair
• Clothing & Accessories
• Shoes & Footwear
• Jewellery & Watches
• Fashion & Handbags
• Electronics & Toys
• Furniture, Home & Kitchen
• Automotive & Industrial
Our add-ons for deep etching include:
• Invisible Man or Mannequin Effect
• Background Replacement
• Shadows and Reflections
• Color Correction
• Cleaning spots, dirt and scratches
• Removing Creases
• Airbrushing
• Motion blur

Rates & Pricing Examples
Our hourly rates tariffs differ depending on the complexity of the image and if bulk etching is required. Each job is different, so a full brief, with pics, will be expected before we get started. These can be uploaded via WeTransfer and we will quote you accordingly. 50% of the fee is payable up front before any work commences.
An example of our different rates are:
• Simple
• Medium
• Complex
• Super Complex  
Advise us of the service you require and let our Adobe© Photoshop© professionals take care of the rest.
We are still adding to this page, check back later, Ta.
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